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Sul y Cofio a Neuadd y Dref Maesteg

Maesteg Town Hall has always played a central role in the Llynfi Valley’s remembrance, most notably in recent decades as the venue the British Legion’s services and concerts of remembrance.
Other notable events in recent years include wartime exhibitions and Maesteg Musical Theatre Society’s poignant and raw production of Oh What A Lovely War, depicting the harsh realities and losses of the First World War.

The Hall’s role goes back much further, having hosting fundraising events during both World Wars. These included fundraising efforts for causes such as the Welsh prisoners of War fund, the Sailors and Soldieries Dependents fund, and the Maesteg Soldiers and Sailors Federation (fore runner to the Royal British Legion), as well as public meetings such as “Women and the War” and “Christianity and the War”.

The evening of the very first Armistice Day, an almost spontaneous concert was held at Maesteg Town Hall to celebrate the First World War’s end, the report of which is below.

Glamorgan Gazette 15th November 1918
Maesteg Rejoicings –
Great were the rejoicings at Maesteg when the news came that the armistice had been signed. The first intimation was the blowing of the colliery hooters. People rushed into the streets, and soon ascertained the facts. No time was lost, and by midday the streets were bedecked with flags. The Maesteg Male Voice Party (under the leadership of Mr Tom Thomas) arranged a musical programme for the evening at the Town Hall, which was packed with an enthusiastic crowd. Tuesday was recognised by a general holiday. Notices to that effect were put up at the colliery offices. During Tuesday musical services were held at the Town Hall, and thanksgiving services at the places of worship.

Maesteg Town Hall would like to thank local historian Roy Meredith for his research.